»With the Crespo Foundation I want to assist young people to trust, build and promote their options, and to develop their creativity. Those especially close to my heart are artists, children and those who are ready to brave challenges despite their difficult social backgrounds. The Foundation sets a priority on character development by assisting young artists and in working with children, youths, and those who are at a disadvantage for one reason or the other.«
Ulrike Crespo

Empowering people and supporting young artists

»Through the Crespo Foundation, I wish to help young people build up and strengthen their confidence in their own abilities, taking an active part in shaping their environment and developing their creativity.
Particularly dear to my heart are children, young artists and people who take on challenges in spite of having an adverse start in life, as well as those who help disadvantaged people.
With its projects promoting education and art, the Foundation puts special emphasis on developing people’s personalities by incorporating aesthetic experiences into educational and social projects and by acquainting young artists with educational tasks. We expect that assisting individuals will make them pass on some of the support they have received to others.« Ulrike Crespo

Today more than ever, education is a basic requirement for professional success, for being part of society and leading a self-determined life. A good professional education is not the only thing that matters though. Above all, people need to be resolved to discover their own abilities and to develop their skills. They need courage to try something new and the strength to overcome setbacks, as well as  curiousity and trust in their own abilities.
With its educational projects for children, disadvantaged people and artists, the Crespo Foundation wants to strengthen these abilities in young people.  Through its projects »SABA –Educational scholarships for female migrants« and »START – School scholarships for talented young immigrants in Vienna«, the Foundation aims to counterbalance the difficult starting conditions migrants are confronted with. Alongside financial support, both programs offer personal coaching as well as the opportunity for professional advanced training.
In accompanying projects, the scholarship holders explore art and new ways of looking at their environment through non-verbal expression. Here they are guided by artists such as photographers or dancers.

As the base for a successful educational development is laid in the first years of a person’s life, the Crespo Foundation carries out different projects to support children at kindergarten and elementary school age.
»Primacanta – Give every child a voice« is a long-term program aiming to give all elementary school children in Frankfurt the chance to discover the joy of singing. To this end, teachers have been receiving further training.
In the »KitaTanz« (Kindergarten Dance) project, aesthetic education forms the starting point for an educational approach. This project’s objective is to find ways of integrating experiences gained from dancing with children into the educational work and applying them to other learning processes.

By supporting artists, the Crespo Foundation assists young people with special talents – be it in the field of music, literature, sculpture or performing arts. In order to enhance their artistic development, the Foundation cooperates with renowned training institutions such as the Kronberg Academy and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Academy. It introduces young artists to tasks within educational and social projects, thus linking their social commitment with their dedication to art.

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